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Are you still not convinced that our complaints are legitimate? Please consider the following information concerning the Wright Brothers...not willingly remembered by historians.


When you visit the National Air and Space Museum at the Smithsonian you see this famous Wright Flyer that made man's first successful flight December 17, 1903. What Smithsonian officials do NOT tell you is that they snubbed the Wright brothers for 45 years, refusing to acknowledge their great accomplishment and install this famous plane in the museum. They refused because their own Secretary of the Smithsonian, Samuel P. Langley, built an airplane shortly before the Wright brothers...but it could NOT fly!

Forty-five years is a long time for the Smithsonian to deny the truth. Wilbur died Spring 1912, weakened by his nine-year dispute with the Smithsonian. Orville finally gave up the fight in 1928 and sent his famous plane to the Museum of London as a gesture of contempt for the Smithsonian.

American public pressure increased in the years that followed. Many people wondered why our famous Wright Flyer was in London instead of here in America. Orville died January 1948. Later that year the Smithsonian finally agreed to bring the plane back from London to be formally installed December 17, 1948. Unfortunately, neither of the Wright brothers lived long enough to know that their own country officially acknowledged their great accomplishment.

The Smithsonian is cheating the public from learning Tesla's history in much the same way as they did with the Wright Brothers, except that Tesla's snubbing has lasted more than a century.


Under pressure from some members of Congress to pay tribute to Tesla, our government issued a block of stamps in 1984, casting him alongside other scientists whose work was of much less importance than Tesla's discovery of the rotating magnetic field idea.

They credit Tesla only with inventing the AC motor, and fail to specify that the AC motor in reverse is a polyphase AC generator, the rock foundation of virtually all power generated in the world. Further, none of the other three men have units of electrical/magnetic measurements named in their honor. In short, they are not even close to being in Tesla's league.

The government also fails to recognize the US Supreme Court's landmark decision of June 21, 1943, Case # 369, overturning Marconi's basic patent for the invention of radio, thus proclaiming Tesla as the real inventor of radio.


Education is the only way to combat the Smithsonian's wrongful depiction of electrical history, but we cannot hope to match the millions of dollars industry and the Edison Institute spend promoting Edison's name. Nevertheless, I believe we can make a significant impact on many of our country's future physics and engineering students by donating busts of Tesla to many of our major universities.

People universally recognize that a sculpture is an acknowledgment of one's greatness. Inasmuch as the academic community essentially forgot Tesla for a century, we believe a good first step is to reintroduce him to the students and faculty of our major universities.  Our second step is to introduce him to grade school students with our books for children. 


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